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Core 33W Charger

Core 33W Charger

33W Dual Port fast charger. This powerful charger combines PD and PPS charger, QC 3.0 fast charging, multi-layer protection, and a USB wall charger.

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  • QC 3.0
  • PD 33W
  • Intelligent Power Allocation
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Core 33W Charger

With the Core 33W type C charger, you won’t have to carry multiple chargers when you travel. Now your mobile phone and tablet can be charged simultaneously, speeding up the charging process. A 33W fast type C charger delivers lightning-fast charging. A USB-C port can deliver up to 30W PD/33W PPS, allowing most phones to reach 50% charge in just 40 minutes.

Featuring high voltage seven layers of protection and temperature control. It ensures a secure and reliable charging experience. In terms of versatility, the Core 33W Charger excels. PD/PPS and other protocols are supported, making it compatible with a wide range of devices. This 33W PD adapter charger allows you to charge the latest iPhone models, iPad, Galaxy S series, Pixel or other electronic devices.

Compact And Portable

Today’s fast-paced world requires portability. Because of this, the 33W Charger is 58% smaller than traditional chargers.

Compact And Portable

Power Up Multiple Devices At Once

Don’t carry multiple chargers anymore, embrace streamlined charging instead. 33W charges up to two devices at once, so you can charge your tablets and phones all at once.

Power Up Multiple Devices At Once

The Power Delivery Technology

This PPS charger uses advanced Power Delivery technology to deliver the optimal power output to your connected devices. Whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, your device will be charged fast and safely.

The Power Delivery Technology

Charge smarter and more reliably

With iGear’s smart charging technology, you can enjoy faster charging, increased efficiency, and reduced heat generation.

Charge smarter and more reliably

Keeping You Safe And Protected

With multiple safety features, like overcurrent protection, over-voltage protection, and short-circuit protection, the 33W charger keeps you safe.

Keeping You Safe And Protected
Model No W-002
Connectivity Type USB
Compatible Devices Mobile & Tablet
Input Voltage 240 Volts (AC)
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Total USB Ports 2
Special Feature Fast Charging
Dimensions 6.6cm x 4.3cm x 5.1cm
Core 33W Charger

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Really a good one, Highly recommended

Really like this one, it's the best looking adapter I ever got but the size is not so small, size is larger than recent Apple, UNIGEN adapter. Attracting part is the blue indicator light, its looks far better than image, like sky blue but doesn't have practical use, it will light up all time when you plug to power source and switch on, not only when actually charging.

Mostly got it for two reason, for dual port fast charging and a backup adapter for my iPhone 11 promax. Lots of fast charging adapters with dual port but not all do fast charging when two ports are working. Say if its a 20W adapter it can only give 20W to a single port at a time, when two port engage it divides like 10/10 so no fast charging. But higher wattage adapters have that capabilities. But there is another catch like iPhone 11 recommend 18W charger but if you give it 27W it may charge fast but if its true 27W (not control the incoming power by the adapter or the phone software) then it will definitely reduce the battery life. These days high end adapters and phones do the power management and takes only as much as it require. But this adapters single port flat is 3Amp, and volt if 5,9 and 12 so if its charging iphone it will pass 9*3=27W and that is not good. BUT it has PPS charging which says 3.3~11V/3Amp but the function is not clear to me. Also I can test with apps but apps cannot give accurate result. So I've purchase a type C voltmeter to test how it providing power to iPhone.

A misleading info in description its not Quick Charge 4.0 (QC 4.0), its QC 3.0 only.

Tested after receiving by charging two powerbank, my iphone and the speed was better or good than the stock also the testing app showing the provided power is below 20W. Also the adapter didnt heat up. I will update if I can after some more use and actual testing.

Got it at much lower price on another shopping cart so got it from there.

Good Product

Works well as per the specs. Good quality

jasmeet singh
core 20 adapter product

Dual charger is good. iPhone 14 plus and I watch series 8 compatible and charging well.

Lakhwinder singh
Performance 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

charger is very good. I Charging for f23 mobile phone very first charging Thanks igear for this product Thanku very much.